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About Procivis One

Procivis One is a robust toolkit capable of powering every element of the digital identity credential lifecycle — schema definition, credential design, issuance, holding, revocation, suspension, updating and verifying digital credentials — and integrating them into business processes through a range of integration pathways and deployments.

Handle credential-driven use cases and processes flexibly with an extensible configuration that supports multiple credential formats, revocation methods, key types, signatures, and DID methods. Integrate Procivis One via our future-proof APIs and rely on our modular and growing library to handle any upcoming specifications or emerging standards without your integration being affected.

Add digital identity and verifiable credential capabilities to existing apps and business systems via our APIs or use the white-label Procivis One Wallet and Procivis One Desk to enable frontend interactions for non-technical users in our no-code environments.


Secure identity and credential verification processes are challenging: in-person and paper-based methods are slow and costly, while digital methods — requiring either direct account-based management or dependence on 3rd-party identity providers — rely on centralized databases prone to data breach, tedious and error-prone account/password management, and offer a riskier trust-decision for businesses than non-digital methods.

Decentralized Identity and Digital Credential systems inspired by the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) paradigm offer a trustable identity layer in digital form, through the use of a stack of technologies. SSI makes in-person identity methods faster, more cost-effective, and more secure, and injects existing digital identity processes with tamper-evident, fraud-resistant, machine-verifiable credentials. SSI offers cryptographically-secured digital credentials that can be issued, held, and verified in a cost-effective and efficient way.

But SSI is still a young technology: the protocols, formats, and technology stacks shaping their real-world use are still developing and there is no single, clear path for a unified protocol to be adopted yet. Current offerings tend to be tightly bound to particular stacks of protocol and standards, limited in integrations, bound to one particular server type, or built with PoCs and demos of VC technology in mind, unable to scale in enterprise systems with high-performance requirements.

Procivis One is built from the ground-up to solve these problems, benefiting from over 7 years of experience with SSI and digital identity systems. Based on in-depth analysis of past SSI architectures and solutions, Procivis One provides a solution with the key features required for real-world use. Its modular design enables different protocol and format stacks to be used, and new protocols and format stacks to be added seamlessly as the digital identity and credential landscape develops. It's built to perform efficiently and reliably at scale wherever it is deployed, with support for different integration pathways to offer everything from specialized integrations to end-to-end solutions for any use case.

Key features

  • Interoperable: uses standardized digital identity and credential protocols for its credential lifecycle ( i.e. schema definition, credential design, issuance, holding, revocation, suspension, updating and verifying digital credentials) to interface seamlessly with identity and credential software platforms from other vendors
  • Flexible: supports a wide range of credential formats, interaction protocols, and trust infrastructures, with more being added as standardization processes mature and regulatory requirements develop
  • End-to-end: provides the infrastructure and tooling for every stakeholder in the digital identity and credential lifecycle (Issuer, Holder, and Verifier) via stable and performant APIs and powerful applications
  • Privacy: enables a high level of privacy for all stakeholders with decentralized data storage, selective disclosure, privacy-preserving revocation and many more privacy-focused features
  • Performant: built to power all aspects of the digital identity and credential lifecycle with maximum efficiency, allowing you to reliably scale to millions of credential lifecycle events with ease
  • Deployable: can be deployed wherever you need digital identity and credential capabilities, from large data centers or cloud providers to smart devices and IoT
  • Enterprise-ready: seamless integration with enterprise processes is enabled by our future-proof architecture, professional support services, and backing by a world leader in ID cards and securities


Solution architecture


Procivis One Core

The Procivis One Core provides the central functionality for all Procivis One ecosystem components, handling all aspects of the digital identity and credential lifecycle (i.e. schema definition, credential design, issuance, holding, revocation, suspension, updating and verifying digital credentials). Each instantiation of the Procivis One Core is customized to suit its use case through configuration of the credentials tech stack and is extensible for the seamless addition of emerging SSI elements.

See the supported technologies.

Server Environment

Integrate digital identity and credential capabilities into your existing processes and server environment using one of our REST APIs or use the Procivis One Desk as a white-label app.

Mobile Environment

Use the SDK to incorporate the Procivis One Core into your mobile environment. Embed digital identity and credentials capability into your own app or use the Procivis One Wallet as a white-label app. Or use the SDK for mobile verification for lightning-fast, secure, and paper-free processes.

IoT Environment

Bringing digital identity and credential functionality on smart devices and IoT components has been challenging in the past. With Procivis One, you can integrate the full range of digital identity and credential lifecycle capabilities directly on your IoT device.

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